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Aeolus451 said:
KLAMarine said:

What I'm ultimately saying is a Switch shortage can have more than one cause. Sometimes it's a shortage of a components like what's going on with the Switch (or to a degree, slowing production) or an inability to manufacture units fast enough to satisfy demand because demand is simply so large. Another is scalpers buying up as many units as possible so as to sell them later for a profit. Sometimes it's incompetence whether that be not putting into operation enough assembly lines or not stocking up enough units before launch date arrives.

Sometimes it's a combination of the aforementioned. Just because Nintendo is having trouble putting Switch units on store shelves does not guarantee that it's due to Nintendo employing scarcity marketing. Scarcity marketing is NOT the only potential explanations for empty store shelves.


Let's not affirm the consequent: just because we see empty store shelves does NOT guarantee that it's due to scarcity marketing. There are other potential explanations that have not been eliminated as being potential causes.

I agree that the switch shortages could have more than one cause or that it's unintentional but then again, the odds that nintendo is using scarcity marketing to help sell the switch is very high considering nintendo's extensive history with  short- *cough scarcity marketing *cough -ages. I'm not looking just at the switch shortages to come up with the idea that nintendo has used and is still using scarcity marketing.

Now I have another question for you: how many of these previous shortages have been confirmed to be instances of scarcity marketing and how were they confirmed to be instances of scarcity marketing?