Pemalite said:
Machiavellian said:

I believe Phil is in charge of both PC and Xbox games division.  Meaning sales in the PC space helps the whole department not jut the Xbox.

That's a fair assessment. Plus they can use profits and statistics from the PC division to make the Xbox division look healthier.

Neodegenerate said:

Even though when a game not published by Microsoft is sold on Steam Microsoft gets 0 dollars from the transaction?  That's not MS exclusive to me at all.

Depends on the game. There are Steam games that tied into Games for Windows Live, so Microsoft likely made some money off them.

Other games also use some of Microsoft's middleware such as Havok, so Microsoft likely makes cash off that too... Plus it keeps their Windows OS a must-have for PC gamers that they make billions from.

So Havok being the engine of some PS exclusives does that make the game non-exclusive?

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