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I was very interested to see this article last night.  DF as you know have seen quite a bit of the One X in the lead up to E3.  So this article came as a bit of a surprise considering I thought they were “in bed” with Microsoft with regards to the Xbox One X….but this does not seem to be the case.


In any case, have a good read through the article and don’t get me wrong.  DF like myself believe the One X to be a “beast” of a machine with fantastic potential, but some serious points were raised.


First and foremost, none of the games shown at E3 were run on an Xbox One X retail unit.  Half of the demo’s were run on One X dev kits and the other half were run on PC hardware with “comparable” specs.  This brings back memories of when the original Xbox One was showcased at it’s first E3….


Secondly, it now seems that very few (if any) of the games showcased at E3 will render at 4K natively.


On a final point, although DF seem cautiously optimistic that the One X will be the next level of home console performance wise with 4K visuals etc, there seems to be a skeptical undercurrent that points towards not having seen any footage off a retail unit.  They mention development kits with “fans maxed” and seeing as the final retail unit uses a total new and different cooling method, the feeling I get from the article is that they are eager to see games running on retail units to see how it actually performs.  Now I’m not thinking for one minute that the One X may have some heat issues when running taxing games, but with 3rd party developers seemingly going the safe route with regards to their titles and just matching performance & resolution for One X and PS4 Pro, maybe there is something to it.



All in all, it’s very interesting to see that on a base level, at the moment, the One X isn’t jumping out the gate with a huge graphical/performance increase compared to the PS4 Pro.

Prediction (June 12th 2017)

Permanent pricedrop for both PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro in October.

PS4 Slim $249 (October 2017)

PS4 Pro $349 (October 2017)