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Dulfite said:

Where did you get the only needing 20 mil more to catch the Wii?


Dulfite said:
LOL. The PS4 won't outsell the Wii nor will it even come close to doing it. I predict it will be at least 20 mil less than wii by the end of its life.

I don't know 🤔


PS4 at 60 million.

Wii at 100 million. You predict Ps4 will sell 20 million less. By your prediction Sony needs to sell less than approximately 20 million units end of life for it to be correct. It will do 80% of that 20 million (16 million) within a year from now. That leaves 4 million units to sell between June 2018 to whenever production of Ps4 ends. So I think you're going to be wrong d:


I guess @ the OP: Sometime end of 2019/early 2020. PS5 comes out holiday 19', we will have sub $200 PS4 prices. Maybe hitting something like $125-$150 for Black Friday of 19'.