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Slarvax said:
thismeintiel said:

Bwahaha! That's a joke right?  The PS4 is still outpacing the PS2.  Sure, I don't think it will last forever, but 100M is a given.  Sony actually lowballed their shipments for this fiscal year, so it'll probably be at 80M by March of next year.  Before 2018 is up they'll be past the PS3's ~87M.  Sorry, but it is going to pass the Wii.

Yeah, I really don't understand why Sony sees the PS4 dropping by 2 million this FY. It's the first full year with the Slim and Pro. I can see it remain flat.

Drop 2m in shipments, they had 3.7m units on shelves in December, they can ship less and sell more.