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Soundwave said:
Boost6 said:
Warriors are being overrated, Cavs just are playing with 2 and a half man and a bunch of bums.

Bulls would push their shit in, especially playing real 90s ball not the puss fest of today.

Jordan is the best player ever, but I don't trust Scottie Pippen's erratic jumper and Toni Kukoc's inconsistent play to be able to counter the Warriors. You get basically zero offence from Rodman. 

There's nothing wrong with saying the Warriors might be better.

The Western Conference All-Stars are better than the Bulls ... obviously you can say well that's an unfair comparison, but the Warriors are basically like an All-Star team upfront. 

It's just probably a "once every 30 years" mix of talent due to the stars alligning a certain way. If "super teaming" was a thing in the 90s, maybe you'd have seen Barkley or Ewing jump ship to join Chicago, and that team would've been better than any of the 6 Bulls championship teams. There's no ineherint rule against a stacked team.  

Rodman would shut down anyone on the warriors, then its Jordan on the second best and Scotti on the 3rd option.  Bulls out hustle and dominate them physically.  And in the modern no touch nba jordan would brutally outscore everyone.  Mj had to bleed for his buckets, not likethese whimps.  Warriors don't have the physically strength and balls to go at it with the bulls, while Bulls have the skill and talent and firepower to match the Warriors. 

Warriors just climbed at the right time with Miami broke up and Spurs taking a step back.   One of the great teams epsecially with Durant.  But also the team that was losing by 20 all game till some asshole injured Kwai.  

Healthy Spurs are a hell of a lot more competaive series then the Cavs.