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I apologize for not getting this out last month, I will remain more consistant from now on. Anyway, it is that time of the month again. It is time to decide who will win this months NPD and see who has the best predictions. 

Major software releases this month (if you think I should all anything, please let me know):


Hardware releases/major impact:




[XB1] (Xbox One)

[PS4] (Playstation 4)

[NSW] (Nintendo Switch)

[WiU]  (Wii U)

[3DS] (self-explanatory)

Made a bet with LipeJJ and HylianYoshi that the XB1 will reach 30 million before Wii U reaches 15 million. Loser has to get avatar picked by winner for 6 months (or if I lose, either 6 months avatar control for both Lipe and Hylian, or my patrick avatar comes back forever).