zippy said:
Barkley said:

No it's not, Jackbox is a great party game, Buzz is a great party game, Singstar is a great party game, Just Dance is a great party game, Mario Party (most of them) are great party games, Wii Sports is a great party game, even Wii Play is ok.

1-2-Switch is barely a game. It was created for one reason "what can we do with these new controllers." Fun took a backseat, as did anything remotely related to rewarding skill.

I digress, everybody I've played it with has had a blast. Sometimes games allow you to make your own fun. Get the right crowd and 1,2 Switch is very effective.

It's true that with the right people you can have fun with pretty much anything, but then you usually don't have to pay $60 for that.

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