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shikamaru317 said:

Yeah, that's the way I am with heights. Not really scared of them per se, I can ride roller coasters, go up on tall buildings, and fly, but when I'm looking off the balcony of a tall hotel for instance, this sort of painful feeling wells up deep inside me and I have to stand back away from the railing of the balcony. I guess that is still technically fear of heights, but it's not a crippling fear. 

Same thing. Rollercoasters, climbing up stairs in a skyscraper, or boarding a plane? No problem at all. But a few months ago I was visiting a Spanish town which is like very old and traditional (fun place, looks like it belongs in a Game of Thrones episode), and it had one thing called the Suicidal's Peak or something like that, which is a small platform that goes outside a gigantig gorge, and you can see the whole extention of the land while actively seeing yourself standing over hundreds of meters of nothing below your feet. I was freaking trembling there; it's just such a puntual but invading fear I can't fend off even if I try. xD