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F.Scofield said:
JRPGfan said:

397 Gflops vs 1840 Gflops.

Theres no exaggeration going on.

Its just aparently it doesnt matter all that much... you run abit lower resolution, turn off a few effects ect.

People dont care that much.  Its why people that believe scorpio is going to make a massive differnce are fooling themselves.


Also Snake Pass & Lego City Undercover are kinda horrible ports, to use as compairisons.

They put more work into the switch versions than they did the other systems.

  What? snake pass on switch was the less worked version of all 4, the ps4 and xbox was already being worked on for 6 months, they got the switch version running at basic level in a week and just had a couple of weeks to work on it, that's why some stuff were missing on launch like graphic effects and time trial.  they had to patch it later with the update and where the hell did you take that lego had more work put on switch than the other versions? warner never said that, you're just pulling data outta nowhere to make your narrative.

In the lego games, the draw distance is set futher than the PS4 or XB1 versions.... so you dont notice texture pop ins as often.

on DF they showed fences ect, where just invisible because they where out of load distance, while the polls for the fences wherent.

It looked bad. I think the Switch version is better for that simple reason.

Also time spent/set aside to port something doesnt nessarily mean more work was done. The Lego game looks like a lazy port for PS4 & XB1.

(or maybe they learnt from the mistakes or errors, after seeing the final results of the ps4/xb1 ports)