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taus90 said:

Well no islam doesnt advocate killing of anyone be it a sinner or who wants to practice different religion, again you are buying into these vocal minorities belief who have twisting what islam is all about, jihad as i have studied is the act of protecting ur beliefs in that religion within that community, and not force other or let anyone else force their values, but u can see how easily it can misintereprated to an illiterate person for their personal gains, for majority of these hot head people best defense is offense. hence their version of jihad is killing in process giving it a bad image.

And if any countries law or culture is centered around a specific religion it is bound to be doomed, not just islam.. Infact few islamic countries wit law centered around it are the only countries who have been doing well compared to other religious centric countries.. example, UAE, Malayasia, Turkey, Egypt.. Compare this to Srilanka, bangladesh, nepal to some extent even India is gravitating towards it.

All i am saying is just do some research about religions and culture, even i was once hell bent on believoing islam is the religion that preachs killing, coz thats what i got from media, but i just didnt understand if it is so bad why are so many people hung on to it.. No religion is bad its just the people backward ass people.

And i dont want to preachy or anything (i guess that train has left :P)... The views which you have about islam is similar to that of these so called fanatics have about other religions, the only difference is you have been brought up with a higher moral authority by the well interconnected society.


Yeah, looks like a "vocal minority" to me!

And I find it kind of funny that you're doing pretty much the opposite to me by blaming the culture rather than the religion. I think all those muslim majority countries have a fascinating culture that would be interesting to talk to people from and learn about, and that it's the religion that has infected those cultures and turned them in to something to be wary about rather than fascinated by. Some of those countries (particularly Egypt and Iran) have a truly amazing history but it feels like islam has kind of washed away those ancient cultures and in some ways dirtied them.

Well in those region thats one law that predates even islam itself, back before islam was a thing apostasy law was an effective way from people migrating into different tribes and whats funny is muhammad was one of the victim of apostasy law as he wanted to convert to islam, which he had envisioned, but he fled before being executed and came back with an army of men "jihadi's" who wished to follow the religion of their choice. People were free to choose the religion of their choice but this tribal law was fashioned back in somewhere around 11th century, because these tribal leaders enforce their own law or add verse into quran as they wanted the same status as muhammad, and majority of them succeed hence the reason apostasy law was back as the holy text, and the apostasy law which these country have directly conflicts with original verse of koran, "that only a man can be subjected to apostasy not a woman and the man will only be sentenced to death if he starts a war, harms other muslim, tries to disrupt religious rituals, or tries to influence other opting out of islam and in woman case if she use a weapon to harm others

And i m not sure abt the law, in these countries but the matter of fact is this so called sharia law or islamic law is nothing but a collection (fatwa's) modified verse to suit the juristic needs of tribal people in medival periods. hence there are so many community among muslims and their laws have different take on apostasy. also to add I dont think these goverment really act on this law at all coz i have friends who i play games with from these countries are converted christians and buddhist.. I mean their parents are, but they have a hard life.