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A_C_E said:
eva01beserk said:

When someone runs over somebody, they still go to jail. If there was no jail for them or consecuenses then people would be runing over people because like you said, people at root are evil and selfish. The problem you dont want to see is that in thouse countrys, their laws enforce this awfull behaviour.  If they had a separation of church and state then you would not see this barbaric acts. its that simple.

like I said before, christianity is just as awfull, but if we did someting like killing gays for being gay, we would go to jail in the west. Trust me, if that was not the law then it would be just as bad in the west. But we left that a very long time ago and we evolved our way of thinking, wich in turn evolved out way of behaving. they have not, because they still have religion above all else manily in their law. Untill thats done with, they will always be savages.

I want to see everything, I'm not choosing to ignore evidence here. I'm not talking about what people go to jail for either, that means nothing to me.

OK, so you went from it being religions fault to the laws fault, that's an interesting tactic...

Thankfully there are still people in every counry of the world who take responsibility for their actions instead of blaming religion or ideology or words.

There have been cases in North America where an arguement broke out between two people who disputed which sports team was better than the other. One of them died as a result of that arguement that led to a fight, I guess we should get rid of sports and hey, why not get rid of free speech as well since so many arguements have escalated to death. Great logic. You see religion, sports, free speech cannot be inherently bad, it is up to the individual to create action.

At no point switched anything. All religion leads to hate and violence if left unchecked. It will always be the root cause. I was just telling the diference in the west wich countrys are not ruled by religion, and the midle east where countrys are lead by religion. at heart they all belive the same, but if in country a you kill a gay and go to jail, then you probably wont go gay hunting, but in country b you kill a gay and you actually get praised for it, then chances are that you will go gay hunting. See? both religions are awfull, but one countrys law dosent allow it, so there is the diference.

And do you honestly see similaritys between a guy killing another over an argument and honor killings? For one, like I said before, the guy over the sports argument suffered a penalty, wich was most likely jail. The same as free speech, cars and sports and even guns, we can have all of it, but if you do something stupid or evil with thouse freedoms you will sufer the consecuenses like any individual under the law. Everything is is potentially bad, thats why laws prohibit people from doing thouse bad things. So your logic is the one that needs questioning.

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