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Neogaf is using it right now. Other than that - no clue.

Thank you !


MS PR time.

So far only Microsoft has come out with a public statement regarding the results. Xbox Corporate Vice President of Marketing Mike Nichols shared the following:

This past quarter, from January to March 2017, we saw record Xbox Live engagement with 1.1 billion multiplayer hours logged globally, a 14 percent increase year-over-year. Looking ahead, we are excited to share more about our plans for Xbox One, including launching the world’s most powerful console – Project Scorpio – alongside an amazing lineup of new Xbox One games. We are thrilled with the incredible response we have received to date for Project Scorpio, and look forward to sharing more about the Xbox One family of devices in the coming months.

only 14% while the total number of Xbox ONE rose by ~30%? That's not good Microsoft, that's actually quite bad. It just means that more and more Xbox are collecting dust