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CHI v NSH - Chicago in 5 Games. Hoping CHI loses but they are just way too damn good.
MIN v STL - STL in 6 games. Would like to see Minnesota win but they've been coming up very short lately.
ANA v CGY - Anaheim in 5 games. Calgary will one game. I know, I'm too nice to Calgary.
EDM v SJS - EDM in 7 games. This should be a great series. The biggest reason I give it to EDM is SJ slump.

MTL v NYR - NYR in 6 games.
OTT v BOS - I can't decide on this one so I will say OTT in 7 games, hopefully.
WSH v TOR - Caps in 4 games because that is my biggest wish.
PIT v CBJ - The PIT in 5 games. I know CBJ did great this year but PIT is too clutch with so much experience.