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Pyro as Bill said:
If the bias is positive and you gave it a 9, isn't that the same as a negatively biased 7?
*googles how to DDoS

I think the graphics score should be higher. If the world was smaller, less open, on the PS4 and didn't allow you to paraglide any direction from the top of a 500ft+ mountain then the pop in could have been avoided/minimised. As things stand I can't think of a bigger, more open world that doesn't have these problems or wouldn't if done with the same freedom. They also managed to do it without (m)any bugs/glitches. It's a bigger technical achievement than Crysis was on the PC.

I agree with replayability compared to the 2D but compared to the other 3Ds it's the only one that is replayable.

What score would you have given to OoT and SS at release? Do you have an example of a 10?

It's not just about the scale, pop up occurs when you are walking with textures appearing on rocky ground right next to you same with flowers and creatures.