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RolStoppable said:

The real story are the player's actions and it's not even defeating Ganon that feels like the ultimate goal, rather it's the journey itself. Players have become so used to beating a game as the reward that they've forgotten how fun games can be regardless of if they are finished or not. This is why Breath of the Wild got bombarded with perfect scores, because its premise is "you, the player, are great" instead of the all too common "look how awesome we developers are."

I agree with most of your points here, but this part in particular stood out. The journey is definitely where the game shines. It's not a game where I find myself plotting how soon I'll get to the end, every gaming session is a complete surprise and surpasses my wildest expectations.

I also must say that I love how the narrative was executed in this game. You pretty much can have as much story as you like, or as little. I honestly don't play enough games that feature story-telling like this, and I'd love to see it more often, particularly in this genre. Giving me control of how I advance through the world, only  to force me to listen to mandatory main quest events, definitely hinders that that feeling of complete control.

Anyways, excellent review, Rol. Hope to see this continue.

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