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So, we are two and a half months away from E3 2017 (June 13-15) and it's always interesting to see what people here want/expect from E3, so let's discuss.


Sony: I'm picking them first because  I think they need to please the most people is the easiest. Shenmue 3 news, FF VII Remaster news, Death Stranding info, Kingdom Hearts 3 info.... Heck to be honest just show the games you already have planned to release soon and you will pretty much kill your conference. 

Side note, if they want VR to sell anything they should also show at least 1 new big budget vr game. I don't really care enough about that though to speculate.

Odds of "winning" E3: Average, given that I doubt they'll really have anything to freak out over that's new. I expect their conference to just be updates mostly.


Microsoft: These guys essentially could steal the whole show easily if Scorpio is affordable, and they hve a few exclusives that really show off what it can do. Think, Nintendo won E3 last year in a lot of peoples eyes and they just had a system and 1 game. It's high time Micrsoft went out swinging as they really have yet to do that this gen. As for games, we'll probably see Forza, and something Halo related. I'm also hoping for something out of left field, I'm not really sure.


Odds of "winning": Low. I do hope and expect them to come out swinging, but at this point what can they do to counter Shemnue, Death Stranding, and FF VII Remake? Multiplats won't do it, even if they do run better than Pro with Scorpio. 


Nintendo: They're hard to predict, but we can assume for the most part they will elaborate on things they've already shown as well. I expect in depth previews of Mario Odyssey  and Xenoblade 2. Now the question really is, will there be anything from third parties that isn't announced. I'm hoping for No More Heroes, Fire Emblem Warriors, and maybe, juuuuuust maybe Bayonetta 3 or Beyond Good and Evil 2. If they throw Metroid a bone I wouldn't hold that against them either. 


Odds of Nintendo "winning"? Low I think in all honesty. I'd love a newMerroid, and if they can turn me around and surprise me with Xenoblade 2 IMO they will win, but most people probably won't care all that much, even if Bayo 3 or BGaE2 show up. 


I'll  finish with a prediction. Nintendo Event will be recorded again instead of a live event, and be all the better for it. 


So what say you?