Hello fellow VGCharterz. I was reading a study that I saw on Reddit that found (yet again) that playing violent video games doesn't influence real life behaviour. I agree with that sentiment, because I am not really phased at all by violence in video games or movies, yet when I see a lot of blood in real life I can feel sick. Here are some examples of times when I felt sick:

1. I was at someplace where little kids could play in a ball pit and a foam pit. One kid had his finger caught on the door when someone slammed it shut. There was a lot of blood, and that was I first time I can remember feeling really ill.

2. This was may seem weird, but I'm being 100% serious. I was learning Chinese, so I was searching up videos and not really understanding them. So, long story short, I stumbled upon a weird Japanese movie (I'm not sure if it's on YouTube any more), where a guy stalks a girl and rapes her (I think?). I was taken aback by it at first, but I watched it because well, it's just a movie! So, I jacked off to it, my first time ever, and I felt so sick afterwards that I didn't masturbate for years after that. I have no idea why I felt so bad from that.

3. I was in school, and during a time when I had to write a quiz, and as I started thinking about getting repeatedly stabbed to death, and getting blood all over the place and all of that. Now, I had read A Clockwork Orange a little bit prior to that, so I had done a little experiment to try to forcefully sensitize myself. Well, I picked a bad time to do that! I wasn't able to concentrate at all, and I ended up getting soaked in sweat and unable to write at an important time!

I guess I could list some more examples, but those are the ones that pop in my head! Does this happen to any of you?