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GribbleGrunger said:
Ariakon said:

If you use Amazon and Abdiel from Neogaf as trackers, you generally come up with a fairly good result. In fact, Abdiel's posts about his Best Buy stores seem to have been better indicators of sales than Amazon lately. 

It's just for my own sake. I was going to stop updating Amazon if it got Jan and Feb wrong. I'm more or less certain now the slight blip was a one off and it's business as usual. March won't be a great indicator even if by some miracle it shows the PS4 winning, simply because once again we have to take into account the Switch preorders.

I get you. I think it was more the stock situations in the months where Amazon was wrong. And yeah, the bulk of Switch sales will have come in January when it first went on sale, most likely. I would expect it to outsell the other systems at the very least 2 to 1, more likely around 3 to 1 next month.