Soundwave said:
SvennoJ said:

Part of me honestly wonders if you really need graphics much better than the above. That looks like a fairly realistic depiction of a forest. How much more is needed? Having a game that looks just like reality isn't going to be great anyway IMO. 

For a company like Nintendo I almost think the above would the maximum type of horsepower they'd ever need. Their games would basically begin to look like the CG renders they use. 

I find the issue with those that try to aim for reality type visuals as those that also tend to age pretty fast and not as gracefully as those that choose an art style that hardly ever ages. 

The Skyrim shot from a while ago was a bad example because Skyrim in general has not aged well at all, hardly many bethesda games have in general. it's why the vanilla game needs mods in order to pretty it up to today's standards.