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RolStoppable said:
Yes, it's possible. Not because of the Metascore, but because this Zelda uses modern technology to create a game that is truly a sequel to what put Zelda on the map in the first place. Breath of the Wild has what it takes to have much better and longer legs than most of the games that came before it.

The game is going to sell 5m minimum, joining the ranks of OoT and TP is perfectly realistic, 10m+ is possible due to the direction of the game. A massive open world that allows players to play like they want, that's going to draw in people.

I think this might get the word of mouth skyrim had when launched.. people that weren't even gamers knew what that was and thought it looked cool. this game (zelda) will now be played outside.. and imo. the artstyle etc. 'pops' so you get interested.
I honestly think i will get asked about this on my morning commute to work if i play during.

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