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Faelco said:
Bajablo said:

lack of people liking zelda? i've seen people that have 'moved on' from nintendo saying it is the first time in ages they have been excited to play zelda again.
i think you are underestimating older people that now have money to spare :P unlike when they played the first game at age ~7

Zelda never achieved 10M sales, even on the 100M Wii userbase. I don't think it will achieve that on the Switch either. The attach rate will be big, no doubt about that, and it will sell really well, but I don't think 10M people are interested enough in it to buy it.

It will be very interesting to see how this is going forward. I checked some retailer info and it was a near 100% attatch rate on the switch console itself (big shocker there).. but i think it will continue beeing a very high attatch-rate going forward too.. that is.. if they move alot of consoles, it might be what pushes it above 10M

I think more people are interested in this zelda than others before it.. thats what i'm saying :)

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