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Alkibiádēs said:
Lawlight said:

1. Wait, so the Switch is unique because it uses a different display ratio? Also it can:

2. Again, just a display thing. You're forgetting that the resolution on the Switch only decreases when it goes in handheld mode to save battery. It's not a feature, it's a limitation. You'll still be seeing plenty of jaggies.

3. Added joypad. Very unique, yes.

4. The Switch is more powerful and streamlined than a device that came out 12 years ago.

5. Only because Sony had 2 systems while Nintendo only has 1. This wouldn't even be mentioned if the PS3 did not exist.

Conclusion: The Switch is a more powerful version of PSP (12 year old system) with the ability to attach a controller.

You're in such denial lol.

But hey, keep bragging about playing PSP games on a big TV. We're talking about 272p on big television screens of 720p, 1080p or 4K. And you want to use the zoom-in function of the TVs (which not all of them have btw) to further stretch that image? Lol. Oh and 720p on a small screen looks  better than 4K on a big TV, just saying. ;) And whether you like it or not, the Switch is the first console where there's a performance difference depending on whether or not the console is docked. 

Oh and the PS3 did exist, do you live in a world of alternative facts or something? Most of Sony's support went to the PS3, not the PSP. The Switch will get Nintendo's full support because it's a hybrid console, unlike the PSP, which was a handheld only console. 

As for the Switch just being a more powerful version of the PSP, that's also total nonsense:


  • PSP does not have a multi-touch touchscreen.
  • It doesn't have a gyroscope or accelerometer.
  • It doesn't have an IR motion camera.
  • It doesn't have HD rumble.
  • It doesn't even have a second analog stick (and the one it does have isn't very good).
  • It doesn't use cartridges (what were they thinking lol).
  • It doesn't have detachable controllers.
  • You can't play splitscreen multiplayer on the PSP. 
  • It doesn't come with two controllers right out of the box (why would it? It's not a home console. ;))


I presented you with facts.  Just because the Switch adds a few bells and whistles does not make it unique. Listing things like HD rumble will not change the fact that it is still rumble.

Using your logic, the PS4 is unique too - it has the Dualshock 4. No other console has that so it is unique. It has a touchpad - unique.

The PS Vita is unique too - it has an OLED screen.