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Lawlight said:
pray4mojo said:

You can't take your Xbox One and PS4 on the go and play it at work/school. You can't do that. It's just not possible. The Switch is going to do things that the other two guys can't. Even the media format is different. 

How is a handheld unique? The Switch is doing the exact same thing as the PSP.

Except it's not the same and if you can't tell why than you never will. But I'll try to explain it to you:


  • The PSP games don't take up the full screen of your TV, so your stuck playing the game with huge black borders.
  • It doesn't change the resolution when it outputs the game on TV, resulting in an overstretched image with a lot of jaggies. The Nintendo Switch is more powerful when docked. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe runs at 1080p on the TV for example. 
  • You're stuck controlling the game with a PSP that is connected to your TV by wires. The Switch supports a Pro Controller and also has detachable joycon controllers. 
  • The process is rather slow and cumbersome on the PSP. With the Switch you just put it in or out of the dock and the games appear immediatly. 
  • You're not getting access to Sony's full library of games. Nintendo will only develop games for the Switch from now on. Sony focused most of its effort on the PS3 during the PSP's life cycle. So if you wanted access to everything PS had to offer you still needed to buy a PS3 on top of your PSP. With Nintendo you'll only have to buy the Switch to enjoy all of Nintendo's games. This is quite litterally the most important advantage the Nintendo Switch will have. 
Just look at that video. 

"The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must" - Thoukydides