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pray4mojo said:

You obviously took what he said on face value. He didn't mean being unique makes you the market leader. He meant that by being "one of a kind" you're atuomatically number one at what you're doing because there's simply no one else competeing. The PS4 is the market leader of the 8th generation, but it's been done before. It's not the "first" in that regard. Sony has released the same basic product since the PS1. They didn't even change the controller until this generation lol. They're followers, not creative leaders. Nintendo are the creative leaders as far as hardware goes. Does that mean they're always the market leader? Nope, not at all. But creatively, hell yeah. They're always taking risks and trying something new. 

Posts like this make me wonder if half the brilliance of Nintendo isn't simply being able to convince diehard Nintendo fans that Nintendo is itself a sacred cow.

Let's start with "They didn't even change the controller until this generation lol."  What does that even mean?  "That new car still has 4 wheels lol."  "Les Paul guitars still look the same as they did in the 1960s lol."  Basically, though it's intended to be a criticism, it's not, because there is no substance in the argument.  It has no meaning.  The belief he's trying to present as truth is that change is better than refinement, which, personally, I find to be rubbish.  Refinement is more often better than change that exists for the sake of change.  That's why some of the most mature industries change very slowly.  Throwing in a car with 5 wheels might be change but it doesn't necessarily make for a better car.

Next, "Nintendo are the creative leaders as far as hardware goes."  Sure, like the others have been following Nintendo for the last twenty years.  That simply isn't true.  All the big manufacturers borrow good ideas from one another, as they should, but the idea that everyone emulates what Nintendo is doing is obviously false.  Nintendo does it's own thing, which is fine, but they haven't been leading the direction of hardware in a very long time.  In fact, in recent years, they've been adopting more of what is standard in the industry than the other way around.  

None of what I've said is criticism of Nintendo.  What they do is fine.  It's criticism of fans who use convoluted logic to convince themselves that they have the largest inauguration attendence in history.