pokoko said:
I understand what you're saying but, speaking as a former business owner, you WANT to know why people are declining to buy your product. If that didn't happen, if people just kept their mouths shut and simply turned to another product, then not only would you be left dead in the water but you also wouldn't know which way to turn to improve your position. That is why small businesses have suggestion boxes and large businesses do surveys and spend millions on market analysis.

Consumer complaints drive industries forward and help to refine products and services so they meet the needs and desires of the target demographics. Die-hard fans who spend all their time downplaying all complaints and attacking those who explain why they have a problem with a particular product, they are the ones that create a negative effect. Businesses love loyal customers but they hate customers who foster resentment.

You make sense and I agree. Even as a Switch  preorderer (?) I have some concerns, too. Some due to hardware design. Others due to a lack of solid information.

I guess my issue is when the complaints don't come from people who want to improve the product but instead want to belittle it. There's really no way to tell which from which, though. Some of it, I assume are from good people. The rest come from rapists and murderers. That's why we need the wall.


...Sorry. Don't know what got into me, there. Anyway, if you own a business--let's say a butcher shop--and most of your complaints come from vegetarians, should their complaints have weight? Like I said, there's no way to know but a lot of these complaints feel like fans of one sports team just insulting another sports team. They don't want improvement. They want conflict.

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