d21lewis said:
Bandorr said:

The issue though is -some of those complaints are valid.

Now having a browser IS valid.  Being unable to sign on or use any variation of the internet because you can't login is valid. 

And the PRO CONTROLLER not having a headphone jack is also valid.  It is a basic feature that the xbox and ps4 had 4 years ago (3 and X months).  Not to mention I spent a good amount of time gaming on a monitor with no speakers.  So yes it is annoying.

The same with being annoyed at having to do voice chat through an app on the phone.

True. Some of them are really disappointing. The web browser is one that really hit close to home for me.


Xbox One didn't get a headphone jack until mid 2015, though. Just saying.

Oh wow! Really?!?!? Didn't know that. 

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