darkknightkryta said:
Alkibiádēs said:
These topics are indeed annoying. Where are the following threads:

- PS4 controllers have HD rumble.
- PS4 controllers use  motion camera.
- PS4/X1 controllers don't have an NFC chip.
- PS4 can be played on the go.
- PS4 has touch pads.
- NS don't come with pro controller right out of the box.
- PS4/X1 don't have detachable controllers (See above).

People need to accept that the Switch doesn't do much differently.

You know, I only came here to give lewis a chuckle, but then I saw this above and needed to modify it.

Anyways I'm out, peace.

No, PS4 controllers do not have HD rumble and no you can't play PS4 on the go. You need a PS Vita and constant internet connection for that (which makes it practically useless and needlessly expensive). And let's not pretend like anyone in the West even has a Vita. 

Why do you need a pro controller when the joycons are just as good?

Since when is the touch pad a touch screen by the way? And most PS4 games don't even use the light bar, accelerometer, gyroscope and touchpad making the controller needlessly expensive and it drains the battery very fast. 

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