irstupid said:
axumblade said:

Education is already screwed up. Most schools have cut the Arts programs significantly. I've also heard there have been some schools that have cut a lot of funding for science programs as well. I can only imagine how bad it will get

I always love when people complain like this.

"OMG school has been getting shittier and shittier and are ranking and grades have been dropping steadily for years compared to world wide. How dare they put someone new into power that isn't going to do the same thing we have been doing"

I have no idea who this lady is or what she stands for, but how about we let her do something before we cry about the sky falling. I've been hearing for years how our school system is going to shit. Thus doesn't that mean that our prior Education Secretarys have been shit?


edit: also arts programs get cut for lack of funding, not because of some agenda. If you care so much for them, make a donation to the school of your choosing and stipulate it be used for the arts. My colleges call me all the time for donations. High Schools don't, but I guarantee they are not against donations.

Her record in Michigan is mediocre at best.