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I think that's a little unfair and that you should try ME3. Personally I also happen to slightly agree with your ending statement. ME2, while was a great game. It was my least favorite for that reason. Plus the more predictable narrative structure and a more accessible appeal.... I love it but it just wasn't up to par with ME1 and ME3 which both contain far more RPG elements. ME3 in terms of game mechanics really combines the best of elements of ME1 and ME2. There's days where I debate on which game is better, ME1 or ME3? Years later it's endless in my mind because they really go full circle with each other once the game ends. As for the ending.... all I can say is that it's your story and you need to make up your own mind. Never listen to others when it comes to the ending of the ME trilogy until after you've experienced the whole journey from beginning (ME1) to end (ME3). It really is an amazing and satisfying experience in my mind. Of course I recommend you do all the side quests and really explore the world of ME if you truly want to understand the ending. The theme is something that appears to be an underappreciated thing of beauty. Something so inspiring and powerful, but it's execution may have missed the mark by being a little... too ambiguous.

ME2 was indeed a bit disappointing after the first one. The main plot felt non existent and while some of the characters were interesting, the gameplay mechanics got old pretty fast for me. I played the demo for ME3, did not like it at all. Then the whole uproar over then ending broke out which also made it practically impossible to avoid major plot spoilers. Hearing it all leads up to some nonsense deus ex machina ending was the final straw.

Since then I have read the excellent Revelation space series, which I realized is what Mass Effect is pretty much based on. Except Alastair Reynolds' original version is so much better.

I loved the first game, so I'm not ruling Andromeda out just yet. But I'm very hesitant to get back into ME. Is it going to be another start of a disappointing trilogy, or maybe a great standalone game with a new original sci-fi story. I haven't followed it at all, so no clue.

Hmm may I ask what you didn't like about ME3? Was it the gameplay or something else? I haven't tried the demo myself but if the classes are limited and everything else.... ugh! Gameplay wise I think it's the best. A lot like ME1 without all the weapon limitation but you'd get status debuffs if you go over weight and stuff. Fantastic mechanics, plot, and just over all atmosphere.

As for the ending being a Deus Ex Machina... it kind of is... but at the same time it really is not. There's a lot of interesting theories out there and ironically it's a very misunderstood ending which is deeply saddening in my humble opinion. I personally rank it up there with one of my all time favorite endings in a video game. It's straight up there with the whole Metal Gear Solid series, Tales of Symphonia, Revelations 2, and a few others. Such rich and raw emotions that come from an underlying message in the theme that flies out into the hearts and minds of the player, but there is no holding the players hand and explaining everything, and that's being nice as to if you believe the ambiguity is anything. The answers are in details from your journey across the trilogy as you save the galaxy from the ultimate threat.

I will say that there may be a couple retcons in the series which tack on to this confusion, believe me. The challenge of creating large games and a coherent story is easier said than done. If you have no game, you have no story. There's so many factors here and sometimes directions get changed. A good prime example of this with ME1 transitioning to ME2 the Inusannon and Thoi'han were scrapped races that were MAJOR plot points. If you recall ME1 the Inusannon were the Protheans. They made those pyramids, artifacts, you see them in your vision, and you see them on their world Ilos. In ME2 this was changed and the Collectors became the Protheans and it was very poorly written in the since that the Inusannon's were now the Protheans to the Protheans and the Collector Protheans were kind of an imperialistic master race who ruled the Galaxy and they stole technology and knowledge form other races. Hell, you either joined them if they deemed you worthy enough or the squashed you. This is a major key plot device from ME2 that was briefly explained if you don't dig in and it has huge implications on a potential choice in ME3. ME2 played heavily on themes like Lovecraftian philosophy. Then there's a problem that there were about 3 or 4 different endings being considered. The Dark Matter ending is quite well known and the seeds for the much speculated Indoctrination Theory were planted for that ending. Which is unfortunately not canon nor a fact! However thanks to the whole head cannon talk *rolls eyes* it can be if that's your story! I mean hell, The Illusive Man was also planned to be the final boss at one point. *sighs* It's heart breaking it comes to this.

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I'm assuming the game is about to get a marketing push/info blowout. There is supposed to be a multiplayer beta test(limited though). If everything looks good, and reviews well it should sell good. 3 million shipped first week is doable.

Of course it's getting a huge marketing push ^.^ Maybe we'll see something at the Super Bowl, maybe after. Either way EA is cooking something up for the Marketing.

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I don't get why biowares name gets shit on. They consistently put out quality games.
Dragon age 3- 89 meta
Mass effect 3- 93
The old republic-85
Mass effect 2- 96
Dragon age 1- 91
Mass effect 1- 91
Only exception to the last decade is dragon age 2.

I laugh at anyone who says me3 was worse than resident e 6. The ending got a lot of flack but that's because the series was trying to do something no one else has even tried. They came up short but they tried. Mass effect 1 is ahead of a lot of 2015-2016 games in a few areas.

I couldn't agree more with your logic! :)

But hey! Resident Evil 6's ending wasn't terrible depending which one your going with. The Epilogues... ehh... they just top it off. I loved Chris's story quite a bit, especially paired with the prequel being the "Marhawa Desire" Manga which add so much to his story. So fucking tragic once you really KNOW Piers. I didn't care for him until I read those books and OHHH MEEEE GAWD! Q.Q

About Dragon Age 2. That game was exactly what it was supposed to be. EA decided the game wouldn't sell unless it had a number attached to it and that caused everyone's expectation to be raised. I wager that the game would have had good reviews and much better reception had the game been released as BioWare wanted it to be. A spin off title that is experimental. The Dragon Age series is fairly experimental and allows BioWare to try different things. Ehhh... rumor has it another one is in development and will be quite different form the other three. It may, or may not be drawing inspiration from an amazing franchise known as "Fire Emblem". Though that's just the word of the town, but lets imagine what BioWare could do with a relationship system like Fire Emblem. Are you drooling yet? :3