hudsoniscool said:

Relax bud. I said that because I think mass effect is bigger than resident evil.  Ya Rez used to be bigger but than 6 happened. I just don't think it's as big of an ip as it once was. I'm 23 by the way.

I understand, I apologize if I came off as a little harsh. Though I do need to disagree... Mass Effect is not even remotely close to being on the level of recognition as Resident Evil in terms of sales and industry impact. Mass Effect is huge but it also spent a couple of years as an underdog title where RE blew up upon its first release. I think ME1 only topped off at about 0.98 million sales before ME2 came out and BioWare didn't see any returns on that title.... such an unfortunately underrated gem for its time. RE is ranked number 19 in the top selling video game franchises. That's more than Halo which has some of the biggest mainstream marketing schemes out there. Sure there's more RE games but remember they release a lot of spin offs and smaller titles with no marketing that sell poorly. Their mainline titles are a different story. Apparently RE5 alone has sold more than ME1 and ME2 combined to this day. I think that number speaks for it self. Just saying....

I will admit that I noticed that the Resident Evil fan base seems a little on the low side here at VGChartz. Though there's a few more dedicated forum sites for that game that are managed by a great community xD If REVII was announced for the Switch I think there would be another 20 threads popping up and it would be a different story..... uhhh that was just a joke! Don't point at me! xD =P

VGPolyglot said:
 I don't think he's talking about its quality, he's talking about it's mainstream appeal.

I agree with this statement but according to sales numbers.... that's a bit of a myth. Resident Evil does quite well and while survival horror is rarely a main stream appeal. Resident Evil is big enough, and iconic enough to perk peoples curiosity to get in on the fun. The Revelation titles with little to no marketing are catered toward the hardcore fan-base and push the core story forward while being a little more limited in supply, the spin-offs tend to tackle another market that the hardcore fans seems to not really care for. The point is that Resident Evil kind of offers something for everyone depending on the game. The mainline titles always innovate with risks that reward high pay offs! Almost every mainline title with the exception of RE6 prove this to be true.

I do agree that it's mass appeal is a bit narrow but compromises are made, and like the Soul series there is a dedicated fan base that will always back it. For all the shit Capcom gets, I have to respect that they take the risks they do and always find a way to offer something for their hardcore fans, their casually interested fans, and new fans a like. Sometimes they juggle and lose a few balls but when they hit a low, they always pick it back up and surprise us all!

mountaindewslave said:

good luck

they've shown so little footage of actual in game stuff and there is practically no hype from general gamers for Mass Effect. 3 million is unlikely at launch IMO, very unlikely 

The element of surprise is strong with BioWare. They've shown plenty over the past couple months if you've followed them. They released another trailer yesterday over Twitter and social media and went more into Cora Harper. BioWare has always employed an interesting marketing campaign which is rather a little misleading in order to reach a wide appeal. It works. It's effective and it leaves people surprised in the end. The ME3 marketing run with "Take Earth Back" gave a real military feel to the game that was absent in the context it was presented. The marketing set a tone to the hype and while we do build our EMS and take the fight to Earth. Our journey was different and quite personal. It wasn't a journey of war, it was a journey of coming together to unit against a major threat. To make peace with each other to take on what threatens all of our existence. The real meat of a BioWare game is never shown naked for the world to see. You need to buy the game to see it's real surprises.

Honestly, personal opinion of mine. The less you know about a BioWare game prior to playing it... the better! I think the game will sell more as time goes on just like the rest of the series. People start playing! Once Andromeda's marketing is up then it's time to turn our attention to....