hudsoniscool said:

Relax bud. I said that because I think mass effect is bigger than resident evil.  Ya Rez used to be bigger but than 6 happened. I just don't think it's as big of an ip as it once was. I'm 23 by the way.

The only Resident Evil I ever bought was Resident Evil 5. And only because of Chris Redfields muscles. Haha

Angelus said:
Optimistic, but not impossible. It's got a favourable launch window, and if the game is quality, with favourable reviews, it'll move a lot of units

Allot of franchises seem to have struggled this generation. So hopefully it pulls it off. More Ass Effect is never a bad thing.
I am interested to see how a Spinoff, using Frostbite goes, I know I will probably buy a couple of copies.

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