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KLXVER said:
CaptainExplosion said:

But your feelings seem to be everyone else's feelings. We need to get Nintendo away from this current path or they'll be past the point of no return.

I think they already might be past it tbh. We should just hope we get as many great games as possible.

They already have passed it, for better or for worse.

The Switch pretty much represents Nintendo's final step away from the "traditional" console model.  Any hope that people had of Nintendo taking the Sony/Microsoft route (lots of power, multitude of third-party exclusives, etc.) have pretty much been dashed here.  That's why people are so frustrated with it; Nintendo is once again going against the grain, much to everyone's chagrin.  Also lets not act like gamers' changing tastes don't have something to do with it.  Some people simply outgrow Mario and Zelda and often feel "abandoned" because Nintendo didn't take a more "mature" route, and then act as if it's Nintendo fault.

I'm excited for the prospects of the Switch, and it will be a must-buy for me this holiday season.  But yeah, Nintendo has crossed the Rubicon here.  Anyone who expects Nintendo to follow the footsteps of their competitors should abandon all hope here.  Nintendo is forging their own path, and I'll be there to support them when they bring the goods.