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rjason12 said:
guiduc said:
I pretty much assumed that showing off Zelda, a new IP, Splat2n, Fire Emblem, MK8D, Xenoblade, Mario and others, which all are supposed to be released this year, meant that Nintendo really wanted to patch up the mega-droughts experienced with the latest 2 home consoles. Those are all pretty much their biggest franchises, and you get all of them in a single year!

And to be frank, I've never wanted so many games in a single year, games coming from them on a steady stream throughout every quarter. It's quite an exceptional situation that never occured before both on Wii and Wii U. Hell, it may be one of their best summer window ever. It will never be as many as what the PS4 gets, but it's a big step-up in 1st party offering.

Hey don't forget, people like us don't matter, cause Japanese games aren't triple A lmao.

And still, they'll make the 90s and the money rain.