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Well here in the UK there has been a simple rule about Nintendo launches. Every time they launch above £200 its failed horribly and its either resulted in a quick price cut like the 3DS and N64 or with the wii u it just sold in low numbers. I think the N64 was £250 and went to £150 quickly and wasn't long after it was £99 and then £69.

I personally think the 13 million of wii u's sold is very high for the low performance of games and limited range. That shows me that the Nintendo brand has some power. I don't think the Sony or Microsoft user base would have been so forgiving.

I think Nintendo hardware is always perceived as weak nowadays and therefore in people's minds it should be a relatively low cost console. This is why I think the Switch will fail in the UK at least until a large price cut. I suspect though that Nintendo will resist a price cut and do massive damage destroying future chances. I think they will expect their future titles like Mario Odyssey to turn it around on their own and by the time that has failed permanent damage would have been done.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Switch is priced at £179 with Mario Odyssey at launch if Nintendo decide to actually fight for market share rather than simply give up and go third party.

I personally think for the UK the maximum launch price they could have got away with was £209 which would have been discounted to £199.