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Intrinsic said:

I called probably argue on most of the points you made... but it would take too much work and I'm hungry. So instead i will say....

You sound the same way nintendo fans start at the start of every generation nintendo gets into.

There is always the claim of there being third party support then there is the cop out of third parties not being relevant.

There would be claims of it being on par sepc wise with whats out there just look at the NX(NS). We went from it even going to be more powerful than the PS4 to the cop out now of how power doesnt matter and this is the best thing ever.

Then that whole nintendo games and people buy nintendo consoles for nintendo games. All i will say to this is; how many of those people remain? Just look at the wiiU. Or do some here think that the wii sold so well because of nintendo games?

Anyways my predicion is no more than 35-40M lifetime. And my reason is price and no third parties.

So, why did the Wii sell so well then?