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JRPGfan said:
Volterra_90 said:

No worries about price. I mean, if Switch sells good at 330€ Nintendo won't lower the price, obviously. If that's not the case, they really have room to lower it. No need to rush. 

Install base is the reason to rush, good first year sales, leads to 3rd party support, which leads to more games, which again leads to more sales.

299$ is going to slow down how fast the switch sells. I think Nintendo are milking its die hard fans, and 3-4 months from its launch, they ll give it a 100$ price drop so sales can pick up.

That's a possibility. 100 seems a bit too much, but probably 250 on holidays if things don't go smoothly. No need to compare the price to XOne/PS4, because it's a totally different experience imo. I say this because I see comparisons between prices, and I think it's not relevant since you don't get the same gaming experiences.

Again, Nintendo has to keep the same support as the WiiU+3DS combined, which is a given. So I don't really feel they're in a hurry to lower the price soon. New third party support won't do a lot to Switch's sucess since you can get them on other platforms. That's my take on it. The only way to know is wait though.

What's more, I think Nintend is trying to differenciate themselves from the competition to attract new gamers. Which is where most people are, outside this gen systems. And those are people who are not familiar on how gaming prices go, on those resolution/graphics discussion on gaming forums. They could jump if a different experience is released. And that's Switch. I think it's the only console which can expand

Another factor is visibility. Let's say that I'm with a friend playing MK in the bus on a trip. We're clearly having fun, each one with a Joycon. It's a device which you take outdoors. People see about its existence, and might be interested about it. Eh, I'm not entirely sure if that's entirely relevant, but it might be. Most people are not aware of how gaming works nowadays.