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barneystinson69 said:

Oh Rol. 

1. Yes, lots have given up on them. They continue to cater to a casual audience that is long gone, and has hurt them in being a viable console provider.

2. Well I'm sure Nintation360 would disagree with you.

3. Lots of people do not trust Nintendo anymore. And the majority of fans didn't skip it, I mean most core Nintendo fans got the console. Those are just all the fans that're left...

4. It is definently in trouble in the west, especially if it is touted as a home console replacement. 

5. Yes, it is very weak. Having only 1 AAA title at launch, and then having a few more through the summer isn't a "juggernaut" lineup.

6. We'll have to wait and see

7. The reason they have their games at the top is due to piss poor third party support, so I'd expect first parties to drag a little bit of the slack.

8. Wii U and 3DS had plenty of problems, and the Switch only shows how blind Nintendo is to what the gaming market wants.

9. Yes, people are going to come from the sky and buy this thing because its from "nintendo". I really want to see your predictions on the Wii U

10. No, HW that is 7-8 years dated is totally worth the price. I mean the XB1 and PS4 are cheaper, but no... being "special" is why they can do this. Oh wait, this is almost a copy and paste of the nvidia shield...

Conclusion: Learn to be a better liar.

Lol "HW that is 7-8 years dated" 

It's a based on top of the line mobile technology that at the very least is from 2013.