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Jay70sgamer said:
Hapuc12 said:

Yeah no,they have money to last till 2050 i watched top 10 Nintendo hidden facts i think the video was called that.

And people saying the console will flop they are making money from every console being sold so losing money yeah no plus they get 100% profit from there own games and 30-40% of other third party games like PS4/Xbox/PC is.

Switch is Japan's wet dream and if the console sells 30+ milion they have achieved their goal plus the money from online that they will put maybe not a lot of people won't pay but there a good amount of people that will.

And Amibos they are making money from that stuff regardless.

And people stop with this doom and gloom Jesus Christ.

Haptic...Thank you someone who gets it comment so far ....just like someone said ....Port beggars ....I've been gaming since the 70s ...these new gamers don't get it ....Nintendo will never consider going 3rd party as long as their software continues to sell gaming the money is in the software not hardware ..smh ...when will people realize that ...they profit because their software sells ...Nintendo didn't gain them billions in the ds and wii era from hardware it was software ...example 35 million Mario kart games sold ..wii sports ,80,000,000 sold ,all first party 100 percent profit...every generation they make a profit because of software and peripherals.....not hardware 

Competition is what made this industry grow exclusive stuff for people to be incentive to buy that piece of Softwere.

I mean why would i buy a Ps4 or Switch if it all came to PC.

People don't get as far as i have seen it PC is a necessity consoles are not.

Sure there will always be console gamers but there sure as hell won't be much as if it all came to PC or any console.

And in my opinion the greatest games to come are exclusive games.