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BraLoD said:
SuperNova said:
Yeah, lets just completely ignore the fact that most of Nintendos games are completely build around the specific hardware they were released on and are more creative and unique for it.
Whatever controlscheme Nintendo comes up with, they usually commit to it 100% (the WiiU being the outlier here, they really didn't know what to do with that system....). Hundreds of games would have been impossible without Nintendo RnD developing their own hardware.
People tend to forget how revolutionary a lot of Nintendo hardware was for it's respective time and complain about gimmicks instead.

I'll tell you what, the DS, had a touchscreen in 2004, thats three years before the Iphone released and made touchscreens ubuquitus. And it did give us new ways to play. I could go on, but it's save to say, demanding Nintendo to go third party isn't thinking things through.

So your example is from 13 years ago?

What does the Switch have that prevent Nintendo games outside of it of being fully enjoyed on another platform?

Yes. It is. And it was nontheless revolutionary. There could be tons more examples, most of them even older than that, but I honestly can't be arsed. If you can't see the merits of Nintendo having it's own platform, then you're shortsighted. If you want one for the switch, watch the presentation, literally the first two games they talk about are designed around the joy cons and would not be possible on Ps4/Xone.

I'm not happy with how they handled this reveal, especially the pricepoint of console+accessorys is a bit repulsive and I'm not a fan of payed online either. But my beef isn't with the hardware itself. I like the switch concept and the HD rumble as well as the improved IR motion sensor sound and look interesting. I see potential in all of that. I like motion control for certain things, like gyro aiming in Splatoon or WiiRemotes for Pikmin.

As for the only two more recent consoles by Ninendo 3DS was an evolution of the Ds and it was a decent one. 3D turned out to not really lend itself to gaming mechanics, especially with the health concerns for younger children and that is unfortunate. I already mentioned the WiiU in my original comment.