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SegataSanshiro said:
onionberry said:
man these threads are annoying lol

I'm not even triggered, but the reasons are so full of bs, this thing is a fantastic machine and everyone is shitting on Nintendo because of a stupid presentation, when we already have more (and better) confirmed games than the launch of wii u, 3ds, xbox, and ps4. I was not bitching and crying when the ps4 launched with fucking knack and killzone. Power? are we doing this again? just look at the form factor mannnn, don't be ignorant mannn... and show me another machine that has all those features and all those games for that price. I know it's the same thing everytime that Nintendo reveals a system but wow, if you don't have compelling arguments and just a bunch of mainstream mumbo jumbo based on less than one day after the reveal just go and play your other machines and let others enjoy this.