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Well personally id probably buy more Nintendo games as the biggest turn off for me has usually been their consoles. I own over 30 ds/3ds physical games and have only played maybe 10 of them because im not a huge fan of the 3ds, im just weird and buy the games cause i like supporting certain genres aka jrpgs lol on my WiiU though I've only got 5 games but again for some reason i just can't really get into the console. I've put about 50 hours into smash but other than that I've barely touched the thing. I think collective hours spent using it in nearly two years would be about 70 hours of use. Again thats mostly cause i don't really like the hardware.

In saying that Nintendo going third party is not a good idea, if you enjoy Sony IPs then you can kiss them goodbye. Sony won't bother with first party games anymore because they will effectively own the console market. They were already considering after the success of the PS2 lol thats before they knew they were about to get their asses kicked.