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That was terrible. Basically 2 launch games. Paid online. Quirky minigames. No 3rd party stuff.


I assume that's it for Nintendo consoles. I didn't think it was possible, but mark my words, this is bombing harder than the WiiU.


They proved time and time again that they have no idea where to fit in the modern gaming market, and that disconnection will be met by rejection. If they wake up by the time Switch under performs, then maybe the stuff they'll make as a 3rd party or a mobile producer will offset the losses.


For now, I'm out :/


EDIT: So this thread was necrobumped a year later, so I'm gonna paste this reply to a question about my opinion of the Switch now:


I already mentioned this thread a couple of times in reference to how my opinion changed. I still stand by that this was a terrible reveal video, but as the Switch grew closer to launch, and especially after the last E3, I'm actually interested in getting one now. Maybe when Smash releases :)

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