Lawlight said:
FentonCrackshell said:

Yes, I meant it that way was well. Don't jump to conclusions. You walked right into that one. This sort of thing happened to a minority last year and it was just as outrageous then as it is now. But I can't seem to find your link to that story. Stop playingt he damn victim man. Don't be one of these people who like to point the finger at othe races and feel like you're being attacked. There are evil whites and there are evil blacks. Evil comes in all shades. You're upset when a white person is attacked and it's basically ignored by the media but you're just like those who see a story and drag it out because you feel like the victim.

Sadly, double standards exist. In all walks of life nonetheless. But you're here pretending that this story is largely being ignored when in fact every facet of news media has thoroughly covered it. The story about the mentally disabled black kid being held down and sodomized with a wire hanger received far less coveage. So spread your outrage. You and everyone else who thinks this disgusting act is "not so bad" because blacks are attacked all the time. This is hateful, disgusting nonsense no matter what the victim/culprits look like. So be a good SJW and be outraged at all social injistices. Not just the ones that advance your agenda. That goes for all SJWs, liberal and conservative.

First, I never heard about that story. Second, I posted a link of CBS clearly trying to mislead people into thinking that the attack was white on black. That's the MSM to you - a dangerous liberal tool.

Odd how the "maintstream media" seems to be an attack that conservatives like to use. All the while the most popular media network is by & large right-wing. I can give you many instances where the right-wing news media mislead people and pushed their side of propagandized news. Again, don't play the victim!

P.S. The fact that you've never heard of the other story sort of dismantles the theory that if this happened to a black person it would be all over the news.


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