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Screamapillar said:
I mean, when you bundle it with your system, anything is possible. I don't even wanna know how many copies of Uncharted 4 they "sold". I wanna know how many Ps4 owners have downloaded and opened the game one time.

Because I'll bet we can at least safely chop off a third of these sales, with people that don't know what Uncharted is/ don't want to play Uncharted.

Sold-through numbers of standalone Uncharted 4? I wanna see those numbers.

Pretty sure thats still over 5m units though.

Of those 6.2m units of PS4s they sold (holiday months), I doubt more than half where the uncharted bundle.

so its probably : 8.7m+  subtracted by around 3m bundled UC4 sales = ~5.7m+ sold through standalone's units.