KBG29 said:

The thing is this adds even an additional layer of latency to things, because now people will have to connect to wifi via there LTE smartphone. 


This is extreamly bad news if true. Without 3G/LTE very few people are ever going to use this thing outside of the house. Those that do will be forced to tether to their phone for online gaming and network features. This will be even more of an issue for Nintendo and the online gaming community.

I don't see Switch taking off without simple network connectivity. If this is true Nintendo has dug themselves a massive hole. The core gaming community may see this as a positive, but from a mass market perspective, this thing has very little potential without mobile network capabilties.

I dont see any problem, Switch in portable mode is handheld console not phone, same like 3DS, Vita or any previous handheld console. Saying that very few people is going to use Switch (handheld console) outside house because doesn't have 3G/LTE doesn't make any sense.

Also nobody really expected 3G/LTE in Switch because in portable mode is handheld console, so I really don't understand your disappointment, you acting like that was very expected or must have feature for handheld console, and that of course wasn't case for both those things.

If this really such a bit issue for you, you can always use your phone as a mobile hotspot, but dont act like this will be some kind problem for general market, beacuse its not.