KBG29 said:
Captain_Yuri said:

Good. I don't want to play with people with shit reception. Smash Bros already has issues against people with wifi. Playing with people with 3g/LTE that have shit reception would be even more horrible. Specially the latency. People that think that 3g/LTE online play would be a good thing for serious online gaming need to get off their koolaid. One day we might be there but that day is decades away.

No upgradable battery is a bummer but exactly how many tablets have removable battery these days? Not saying its a good thing but certainly not out of the norm.

1) The thing is this adds even an additional layer of latency to things, because now people will have to connect to wifi via there LTE smartphone. 


2) This is extreamly bad news if true. Without 3G/LTE very few people are ever going to use this thing outside of the house. Those that do will be forced to tether to their phone for online gaming and network features. This will be even more of an issue for Nintendo and the online gaming community.

3) I don't see Switch taking off without simple network connectivity. If this is true Nintendo has dug themselves a massive hole. The core gaming community may see this as a positive, but from a mass market perspective, this thing has very little potential without mobile network capabilties.

1) Lol wut? That doesn't even make any sense... The only way that people will play online now is via wifi which has extremely less lathency than LTE. I doubt majority of people even use their phones as wifi hotspots to begin with except in rare cases and I highly doubt they will do it with the Switch.

2) Or better yet, they won't at all so the rest of us won't suffer. How is it going to be more of an issue for the online gaming community? Cause guess what? Now we don't have to deal with people with horrible reception lagging all our games. If you mean chatting with our friends, people have phones anyway. This isn't meant to be a phone replacement by any means.

3) Yea cause the 3ds totally didn't take off without 3g/LTE. And it does have simple network connectivity, its called wifi... Guess what, the Vita had a version that had 3g connectivity which was AT&T exclusive. Guess how well the vita sold? Oh thats right, horribly. Guess how much the 3ds sold without that functionality... A shit ton better. 3G/LTE isn't going to determine the success of the device, the games and other things will. 


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