Soundwave said:
kodeindahjunk said:
There is no more free speech in writing.
Free speech is hate speech when it hurts your fragile feelings.

Who's feelings are being hurt exactly if there's a black guy in a video game? 

Or if a developer says "you know like 50% of our audience isn't white, maybe we should have 1 or 2 non-white characters". 

Who's feelings are being hurt again? Maybe someone (gasp) who is pretty fragile themselves? 

Nobody's feelings are being hurt of there is a black guy in a video game that has been put there specifically to balance up the racial numbers purely to keep the liberals happy. Their core beliefs about what constitutues a free and open society are though.

The black people don't give a shit, the women don't give a shit, nobody gives a shit apart from.....liberal commentators and media outlets as it gives them some angle to discuss and is easy pickings.

What is this should nonsense? Should why?

Gender is irrelevant and so is race. No, it really is. You want everyone to ignore gender, sexuality, colour but then on the other hand you insist on it being noted and taken into account and constantly drawing attention to it.

Some people get pissed off with that, and by "some" I mean a chunk of the population You alienate those people and they will never respect you or your principles for trying to engineer the social rules of the world.