hershel_layton said:

Whether if it's a movie or a new video game, many people seem to criticize media that lacks gender or racial diversity.


What are your thoughts on it? Is it considered valid criticism to you? Or do you view it as crying over spilled milk?


I view it as a complete load of crap, so none of the above.

It's censorship at it's core. Not only is it censorship, it's the worst kind.

It does nothing to protect the general morality of society as honest censorship can do (e.g filtering child porn)

It's merely an extension of the facist machine of the left for completely obvious reasons. I have never heard an explanation that sounds convincing to support such a thing.

Diversity in food, drink, music. As in the taste, and sound.

Diversity in anything else. Why? It's a prison of the mind and a dead end and goes against free will.