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jason1637 said:
Aura7541 said:

Doesn't that actually play into the PS4's favor even more? Multiplayer focused games tend to have higher attachment rates on the XBO whereas singleplayer focused games (e.g. The Witcher III, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Doom) have higher attachment rates on the PS4. For instance, The Witcher III sold twice as much on the PS4 in the US and UK.

And I never said the bundle would have a big effect on sales. Reread my last paragraph as I already acknowledged that fact. The bundle, however, can effect the gap. A 100K gap isn't that big and December appears to be a complete tossup. An extra 50K sales from the bundle can make a difference between winning or losing December.

You were speaking if word of mouth and PS4 having a higher rate so since it has no MP then theres no reason to buy a PS4 for FFXV of youre friend has it on that console because you wont be able to play with them. As for attach rates they are about the same for SP games.

Clearly not the case with The Witcher III in either the US and UK. Doom also had a pretty large skew towards the PS4 in the UK. I don't know what's the distribution for Doom in the US. Unless you're telling me NPD is lying and the PS4 is selling twice as much as the XBO in the US and UK, the attachment rates are not identical. Not even close...

As for FFXV, what if the friend wants to own the game for his/her own? You can't just assume he/she won't buy a PS4 for FFXV just because it has no MP. This is slippery slope argumentation... And considering on average, XBO owners prefer multiplayer games more than the average PS4 owner, wouldn't FFXV not having MP be a larger detriment for the XBO?